Jake and Riley’s Recess Rescue

An Anti-Bullying and Character Education Resource for Adults and Children

For Children
 For Adults 

When Jake asks to join the soccer game at recess, some of the players respond in ways that are hurtful and unkind. What can the other kids do?

Jake and Riley’s Recess Rescue shares the story of children who work together to create an inclusive, respectful school community. This unique curriculum actively engages adults and children through coloring pages, hands-on activities, and conversation starters.

The book and Adult Guide provide kids and adults with opportunities to learn how to handle bullying situations, and tips and tools to create environments where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued.

This resource is intended for children in grades K–3.

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“This book is much needed. It shows young people that including and supporting their bullied and excluded peers can make a big difference. The open-ended questions and coloring book format will build youth involvement.”

Stan Davis