I help businesses, communities & families harness authenticity & empathy to thrive.
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Authenticity is addictive. It creates a high for people who have it, and a craving in those who experience it in others. Authenticity stems from self-awareness and honesty, and is the foundation of personal achievement.

Empathy is our human super-power. It enables us to build profound relationships with others. Empathy is optimized when it is nurtured and practiced, and is the foundation of meaningful connections.

My name is Ali and I’m a business leader, Sociologist, and mom. I work with individuals and groups to harness the power of authenticity and empathy to establish successful businesses, thriving communities, and happy families.

For most of my career, I’ve traveled around the country and shared these ideas with schools, organizations, and businesses. Yet I’ve also run up against red tape and bureaucratic messes that blocked my message from getting to those who needed it most: individuals. That’s why I’m here with you now.

I’m fully committed to sharing tips, tools, and strategies with you to help you lead and live authentically, and with empathy. The tools aren’t complicated, however they do require learning, practice, and a different way of thinking than many of us were taught. If you’re up for it, I’m 100% certain you can do it.

Are you in?

It’s Never Too Late to Course Correct

It’s Never Too Late to Course Correct

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“Dr. Ali Hill is among the brightest stars… She shines with her consistent, spot-on, sage advice – never repeating the obvious and always contributing unique value which has grown out of a deep, ongoing continuum of those she’s helped in the past.”

Dr. Jenny Walker

President, Cyberbullying Consulting Ltd.