Dr. Ali is a big thinker wearing “sensible shoes.”… she moves the world to a better place with her talent and relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Paul Reynolds

Co-Founder and President, FableVision

Where most specialists on the topic and media outlets seem keen on sensationalizing for their own gain, Dr. Ali gave us a practical and optimistic point of view, which gave… parents and kids a better place to start from.

Amy Fiore

Managing Director, TADA! Youth Theater

“As a result of her work and the resources she is engaged in producing, I have no doubt that today’s young women will be more self-aware, confident in themselves, ideas, and talents, and well prepared to realize their dreams no matter what curveballs the world throws them.”

Kate Pickle

Senior Program Director, Science Club for Girls

“[Dr. Ali is] very knowledgeable and helpful to me with all of her information. Her heart is always in her projects… . I truly believe that she is making a difference in the world.”

Leigh Brown

Innovative Collaborator, Girl Scouts of the USA

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