As humans, we’re hard-wired for connection. We need one another to feel whole. And yet, many of us push against that natural inclination and create barriers that keep people out, instead of creating channels to bring them in. I’m Dr. Ali Hill and I’m here to help you carefully construct stronger relationships with the most important people in your life. I’ve studied human connection on every level – and it’s my mission to help people like you benefit from what I’ve learned. This is a place where I’ll share my research, techniques, and personal experiences to help you replace those walls with bridges. Together, we’ll create families, work environments, and communities where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued.

“Dr. Ali Hill is among the brightest stars… She shines with her consistent, spot-on, sage advice – never repeating the obvious and always contributing unique value which has grown out of a deep, ongoing continuum of those she’s helped in the past.”

Dr. Jenny Walker

President, Cyberbullying Consulting Ltd.


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